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Student Comments

What an eye opening experience the class was for me. I had no idea how much I was going to learn from this introduction voice over class. Lou has eloquently summarized a 30 year carrier in the voice over industry. I feel very fortunate to have taken the introduction class before attempting my entry into the voice over industry. There is so much more for me to learn and with Lou's classes, I don't have to learn them the hard way.


---Nathan Ingrao


Lou, many thanks for such a rich experience. Some history of the craft, a clear picture of the current voice-over scene, a brief-but-beefy overview of VO practical basics, and then the chance to DO some VO, complete with expert direction. That's a serious package of information for just a few hours (and just a few $). I came away educated, energized and enthused -- and I'd say the rest of our small group did, too. Looking forward to a lot more.

Thanks again!

---Russ W


Hi Lou,

Thank you so much for a great class yesterday. I learned a lot! You are not only knowledgeable but you bring great energy to your craft. Thank you for your feedback and I hope we cross paths in the near future.

 ---Elizabeth Selby

"Lou has taught voice skills to many people and they rave about her teaching and directing skills."

---Steve Wargo, Show 'N Tell Productions


Lou Hunt is the real deal. Lou's formidable voice over performance experience, and generosity hallmark her practical and relevant style of teaching.”

—-Patrick Fraley, Los Angeles Voice Talent and Teacher

"Thanks for making a shift for me today.  I stayed engaged and learned more.  I could hear and see where I need work.  I left inspired!  In my opinion, the ability to shift to a students language makes for a great teacher.  This voice thing you are teaching me, carries more depth for me way beyond the business of it.  It brings out my hidden personality." ---Dave Riccio, Phoenix

"Thanks so much for providing such a great hands-on learning environment last night.  I came away with a much better insight on the multi-leveled dynamics of the VO industry (ie, what is expected of me, how to interact with the director/client/engineer, how to apply direction to the read, etc.) Much appreciated!"

---Janie Peters, Phoenix


"Thank you Lou for one of the most stimulating workouts I've had in awhile."

---Don Clouston, Phoenix


“I’ve been studying with Lou Hunt for about two years. She’s a GREAT teacher!  She is an experienced, talented voice actor who knows her stuff and has used it “in the field” – lots of commercials, narrations, voice-overs, and characters – and she has the national awards to prove it!  As a voice coach, Lou sizes-up your voice abilities and comes up with an effective, personalized program that improves what you have, and works with you to develop what you don’t have.  To help her students develop, she continuously comes up with new situations and scripts that allow her students to work on their characters and improve their voice-acting abilities. She arranges practice recording sessions in real studios with local and nationally known directors/producers so her students get practical, real-world experience. I thought I was a good narrator, but after spending a few sessions with Lou, she brought me to a new, higher level of performance. Talk about improvement! I can’t thank her enough!  I’d recommend Lou Hunt to anyone wanting to develop their voice acting talents, public speaking, and presentation skills. You get personalized training from an experienced voice talent who knows how to teach. You can’t go wrong with Lou!

---- Len Brenza, Chandler, AZ


"If you want to know if you could do well in this industry and then work hard to be successful, Lou Hunt is the one to contact."

---Cindy Pruett,Voice Actor


“To say that Lou Hunt taught me all I know about voice-overs would not be far from the mark of truth.   After many years as a broadcast journalist, I had a lot to un-learn before I could enter the field of voice acting.  It was Lou who showed me the way to speak words with meaning and feeling  as opposed to just reading words as they appeared on a piece of paper.  Lou Hunt is not only a gifted teacher, she is a warm and caring human being. A fine combination.”

—-Scott Shurian, Salt Lake City, Utah


“It is an honor to have learned from one of the best Voice Over talents in the industry.  What others may not know is Lou Hunt is so much more than just a fabulous Voice Over talent.  She is a teacher, a mentor, a coach and a cheerleader.  She provides everyone the same dedication and quality, as well as beneficial critiques.  In my opinion, it is so important to provide not only positive feedback, but pure professional honesty.  Her encouragement and positive spirit encouraged me to be the best I could possibly be.  Her coaching not only paid off monetarily, it also built up my confidence in business and in my personal life.”

—-Julie Stephenson, Aurora, Colorado


"Upon moving to Arizona from California I searched the internet to find a Voice Coach/Instructor.  I found Lou easily online and was able to study under her instruction which allowed me to work toward my passion and goal as a voice actor.  I have gained valuable education including tips, guidelines, techniques and acting skills which have allowed me to excel and feel very confident in my abilities.  While I get a lot of positive reinforcement, she also does not coddle me, but challenges me to learn more and hone my craft to the highest level."

---Peggie Wilkinson, Scottsdale, AZ


"Hands down the best voice-over instructor in the business!!!!"     "If you want to learn everything there is to know about Voice-over,  Lou is your gal!

---Eve Elliott, Cherry Hill, N. J.


"Simply put, Lou Hunt is awesome! I've been wanting to do voice-over for years and I checked out a couple of other voice-over coaches/performers (one in Chicago and one in Phoenix) and didn't feel comfortable with them. Lou puts you at ease, draws from her years of experience, tells you exactly what you need to know and most of all, she cares about the progress you make. Period. If Lou were to retire tomorrow, I'd be lost!  She's the best at her craft!"

---Karl Wein, Maricopa, AZ


“Lou Hunt is just the best! She was one of my first voice over coaches when I moved to Los Angeles in the late 80's, and to this day remains absolutely tops on my list. I literally "learned the trade" from her.  I am thrilled to say I went on to do very well in both narration and commercials and I truly have her to thank for the enormous foundation she helped me build. Her method of teaching is fun and she always has a sparkling smile of encouragement that makes the process of learning exciting.”

—-Donna Rawlins, Los Angeles, CA  


"I really appreciate Lou's experience and expertise in teaching classes.  I've learned so much!  She's taught me how one's body and energy affect other people's perception of what you say, and that's a skill that reaches far beyond voice over work.  I followed her instructions closely and after I cut a demo, she helped me land a job shortly thereafter.  Taking Lou's classes are some of the best things I have done for myself.  The fact that they are some of the most fun things I've ever done is just a bonus!"

---Melinda Frank, Tucson, AZ


“Having engineered many VO demos over many years under the direction of Lou Hunt, I am well qualified to speak about how students have come to her and have been lifted toward professional performances beyond even their own imaginations.  She has devoted years to her craft of not only teaching, but finding the inner talent buried in the individual, and bringing it out.  Here is a real teacher.”

—-Ron McCoy, owner, McCoy Productions, North Hollywood, CA


“Lou Hunt is an exceptional master teacher.  She is extremely knowledgeable and creates a learning environment that is fun and fresh, yet very focused. Lou is considerate and sensitive to the individual learning styles of her students.  She tailors her instruction to meet the needs of each student.  She is not only attentive to her students’ needs, she is incredibly patient.  Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless and her knowledgeable of the VO business is invaluable.  Lou has a great motivating nature and is an inspiration to all those she teaches.  I have taught for 20 years myself, and Lou has helped me become a better teacher.”

—-Marian Daniel, Phoenix, AZ 





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