The Lady Known as 


My business, Word of Mouth Productions, provides coaching for people  who want to use their voice more effectively. 

I’ve been a Voice Over Performer since 1972 and I’ve been Voice Coaching since 1976. 

I was the First Woman Announcer for a Network Soap and Game Show and my voices for Radio & TV commercials have been heard on hundreds of National and Local spots. 

My Masters Voice Over Class has been accredited by UCLA.  In 1998, after many years of observing and teaching people how to use their voices, I developed a unique program specifically for women called, “Creating Your Voice Image”.  In workshops or private coaching I help people find or create a positive and effective voice persona.  It’s truly enjoyable seeing each person discover and use their own charisma in personal presentations.

I've coached people to use their voice more effectively, from all walks of life, such as Political Candidates, Doctors, Criminal Attorneys, On-Line Instructors, HR Directors.

One of the recurring themes that emerged from my clients was the difficulties they had in projecting the kind of “voice” they desired especially within the workplace.  It became obvious that many of their challenges were similar to the ones we face in Voice Over.  As Voice Actors, we have to “recreate” emotions and attitudes in our work; that means we have to recognize what they feel and sound like. Learning about one’s voice image is an exciting and enthralling process, and can significantly improve one’s self-image.


You’ll learn easy playful tools to explore your Voice Image, hear how you really sound to others, what you can do with your voice, how to change it when you want to and how to control the image your voice creates!  

Private Coaching is $90 an hour.