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The Business of Voice Over

Resource Manual: $50 

2019 The Business of VO Resource Guide.j
Recording an Audio Book: Professional Insight & Advice: $10, plus $2.00 Postage

Table of Contents:


Voice Acting is Storytelling, from Michele Debczak


Audio Book Narration, from Secrets of  Audio Book Narration


The Business of Audio Book Narration by Pat Fraley, Audio Book Narrator/Producer


How Do I Become an Audio Book Narrator from the AudioFile Magazine


Rules for Audio Book Production, from Audio Book Creation Exchange


Becoming an Audio Book Narrator, from Audio Publishers Assn


Breaking Down an Audio Book Rate


Everything You Wanted to Know About Audio Book Production, from   Publishers Assn. of  LA


Resources on the Internet & YouTube

Narration Workbook: $40
Includes Directions, Tips, Scripts & Example CD
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