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Comedy Dialogue Practice
1:30-4:30PM  Fee: $40

One of the most enjoyable areas of Voice Over are “Dialogues”.  You’ll find the scripts more interesting because they’re based on real situations, especially if the copy is written by Comedy Writers and the scripts for this Workshop are from some of the BEST COMMERCIAL COMEDY WRITERS IN LA!


However sometimes you’ll find yourself in a dialogue with either a partner who doesn’t relate well, OR with a script that isn’t written well.  That’s where Improv comes in.


Dialogues are the best place to “Ad-Lib”, that is, add little comments, even a word or a line if it’s appropriate.  This is where you make the most of the opportunity to put personality into the writing and make the situation seem real.


The client is looking for YOU to bring something to the writing.  This can be a lot of fun and/or a challenge!  THIS IS THE TIME TO USE IMPROV WHEREVER YOU CAN FIT IT IN TO MAKE THE CONVERSATION WORK BETTER!



The most important thing to remember in Dialogues is

Listen to Your Partner! 

React to the attitude they’re conveying. 



To really hear how YOU sound in conversation, put a tape recorder

next to your phone OR use your Cell Phone and each time you

are on a call, RECORD. 

Don’t listen until you’ve recorded at least 3 conversations. 

You’ll hear all the “quirky” habits and patterns you have in conversations!

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