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The Sound of Your Voice

Can have 5x the Impact

of What You Say!

What Do You Want to Do with Your Voice?

Creating Your Voice Image

Voice Over, Open Mic,
Podcasts, YouTube
Coaching Adapted to Your Needs

Lou Hunt, Master VO Coach

Whether you want to improve your voice as a Speaker or create your own Podcast or YouTube Video or Enter the Voice Over Business

The Sound of Your Voice Can Have
                    5x the Impact of What You Say!

Improving Your Voice on Podcasts/Presentations

Voice Over performers,

On-Camera Presenters,

Teachers, Lawyers and Speakers

Let's see How Much YOU can do in a one hour session fee for $25.

If you're interested in Improving your Speaking Voice, I'll give easy, important pointers and have you record so you can hear how you're sounding to others.

If you're interested in Voice Over, in this session you'll record several scripts with my direction and receive Hand Outs about the Business.  If you decide to continue, lessons are $50 an hour.

You can also buy my Basics Workbook & Examples CD for $150 and do the work yourself at home.  Lessons are self-explanatory and easy to follow.  Then if you become competitive, I'll produce your Demo tracks. 

(See Prices under Demos)



Becoming a VO Pro

Recording in a Professional Studio

So you've taken the classes, done the Work, Created the Demo, NOW WHAT!?!

Voice Over is a business, YOUR private company, so you need to understand How to Promote Yourself in the Buiness.

As a newbie you probably don't know what you don't know:

How do you contact potential Clients; What Do You Say, How do you Price Jobs? How do you protect yourself from scams or not getting paid.  What Online Casting Sites really work?

All these questions are answered in my Resource Manual: "The Business of Voice Over".  You can purchase it on this site or schedule a Private Session with me to go over the steps that will get you started in the Business.


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