Creating Your Voice Image for Women

Do you Speak or Do you Squeak?

Our emotions have a direct effect on our voice tone.   Much of our “sound” has to do with expressing or not expressing emotion.  You can discover and learn to use the desirable qualities you want in your Voice.  Changing your Voice Image will enhance your Self Image, which will change your Voice Image!


Today more than ever before women own and run businesses.  We are in positions of management and leadership and are frequently called upon to give “voice” to plans, procedures, ideas and reports.  Learning to make fuller use of the sound of your voice will increase your impact on others. 


All the credentials in the world are not going to draw people to you if they’re not receptive to the manner in which you deliver your message.  Successful communication depends largely on effective use of the Voice.  If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then truly the voice is its loudspeaker!

Finding your “Power Voice” is not some sad imitation of a man’s voice, but rather the voice that comes from knowing who you are, what you can do and being confident about it all.  As new entrepreneurs, we need to create a new way of presenting ourselves that both honors the essence of who we are as women and hopefully changes the ways in which women are perceived.  

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