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Creating Your Voice Image    


Lou Hunt


The Sound of the Voice Can Have

                        5x the Impact of What is Said!

Lou Hunt has been a spokesperson for hundreds of commercials and narrations, since 1972.  She was the First Female Announcer for a Network Soap,  and the First Female Game Show Announcer, as well as the first female promo announcer for NBC, ABC & CBS.

Lou worked  for 14 years as one of the performers for Dick Orkin's Radio Ranch and with Bert, Barz & Kirby.  Lou chaired the SAG Commission on Voice Over with over 300 participants. Her Voice Over Masters class was accredited by UCLA.

She has received three Clios, a First Place Award in the Art Director’s Shows in New York, Dallas & Wisconsin and an first place Addy in Memphis.  Her Masters Voice Over Class was accredited by UCLA.

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