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Changing Your Voice Image will Enhance Your Self-Image 

which will Change Your Voice Image!

Personal Voice Coaching

Just like “Body Language”, the sound or pitch of your Voice is almost always related to how you’re feeling at the moment, or worse, how you’ve been made to feel in certain situations over the years.  If you are unaware of how you sound, you may be relying exclusively on your words to communicate your personal qualities.  Learning to make fuller use of the sound of your voice will increase your impact on others and it could make a difference in your career.


A truly personal voice quality comes from Breathing Fully and Educating your Body to greater sensitivity.  Releasing your body and breath will help you develop your  Vocal Strength and that will increase your self-sufficiency, compassion, creativity and mental clarity more than you might have ever imagined possible!


The methods I’ve developed in teaching Voice Acting for 40 years will give you many easy, playful tools to explore your Voice Image and hear how you really sound to others.   In Voice Acting we learn to create and perform many emotions and emotional reactions. 


Through this process you’ll learn a great deal about your own emotions, your ability to truly communicate effectively and have fun doing it!  I adapt these tools to whatever you personally need to re-create your voice “image” in whatever situations are important to you.  You’ll start to be able to control the image your voice creates in your everyday situations!

Give Me a Call and Let me know What You'd Like to do with Your Voice!

Private Coaching: $90 an hour


Tone Up Your Voice!

It could make a difference in your career.

Lou Hunt

Word of Mouth Productions

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